It's nice to meet you...

My name is Esme Mazzeo (the "s" sounds like a "z" and the "me" rhymes with "be" just in case you're wondering.) I've been writing for as long as I can remember, but received my professional qualifications from Hofstra University, where I earned both my Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in Publishing and my Master of Arts in Journalism. 

In addition to ghostwriting work, I'm a regular feature  contributor to Long Island Pulse's website and a writer for Webpals Group, a performance marketing company.   

Words have always mattered to me, because fiction's ability to transport me to other worlds, and journalism's ability to teach and inspire change. I'm passionate about telling stories of all kinds, and helping others bring their ideas to life on the page (...or the computer screen, let's be real.)

Authentic representation throughout all media matters. So many voices are waiting to be heard. I can't wait to help you find or refine your own, through your brand or personal projects! 



Cupcake calories don't count; wishes on stars do. Carrie Bradshaw is my Spirit animal.